25 October - 3 November 2018

The Death Of Me

Season Ended!
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‘The Death Of Me’

A murder mystery by Christine Foster

REVIEW by Mary Kippenberger (CHB Mail): 

Lights dim. Disembodied voice monotones it’s way through evacuation procedures. Directional advice, toilets and carparks across the road; I’ve drifted slightly, I know what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency. Something catches my attention and brings me back, something about cell phones but did they just suggest that the baking will be wonderful and certainly won’t kill me, no fish involved. What?

Wendy Waldrom as Shelly and Owen Potter as Paul are first to appear. The lighting is moody, the sound eerie. I can feel my brows furrowing, Shelly and Paul seem as puzzled as I am by the whistling wind whirling around the living room they find themselves in. Clever direction has my attention, great comedic timing has me laughing and a snappy script has me engaged from the first minute.

With the first of many surprises laid at our feet it is time for Suzanne Earnshaw-McLaren’s character Meg to enter the scene of the crime. This is Suzanne’s first Little Theatre production and I think she may have found her super power. What a natural. Next off the rank is stalwart Lindsay Bishop as Gordie, playing anxious foil to Lucy Mavin’s ethereal and muesli Joanne. Lucy’s character flitted her way happily around the tight four. A joy to watch.

I can’t tell you about the play because that would spoil all the surprises. I can tell you there was laughter and the oohs and ahhs that only an invested audience can bring. I can tell you that the script is clever and well written, the lighting perfect as is the set, the chocolate balls at interval delicious. I can tell you that the director, cast and crew have put in many, many hours to bring us a who dunnit with twists and turns aplenty, a show that had me sitting on the edge on my seat by nights’ end.

The Little Theatre is one of the many hearts that makes up our Central Hawkes bay Community. I trod these boards years ago and there have been changes, upgraded facilities, comfortable chairs, a stage that no longer squeaks and groans but one thing remains the same. The people. All the parts that make the whole front and back. Bravo Waipukurau Little Theatre for all that you do. One last thing. Something happens at the end, a particular something that I can’t talk about it but I loved it so, when you see it, please stop me in the street and tell me how it was done. Thank you.