1999 November - "Wind In The Willows" by Allan Bennett - Direct. Stuart Curtis

1999 September- "The Farm" by David Geary - Direct. Valda Peacock

1999 July- "Via Satellite" by Anthony McCarten - Direct. Roger Bronte

1998 October -"Pack Of Girls" by David Geary - Direct. Valda Peacock

1998 June -"The Boys Next Door" by Tom Griffin - Direct. Neville Baker

1998 March - "Steel Magnolias" by Robert Harling - Direct. Gay Edgecombe

1997 October- "Lashings Of Whipped Cream" by Fiona Samuel -Direct. Roger Bronte

1997 July _"The Learners Stand" by David Geary- Direct. Valda Peacock

1997 April - "Market Forces" by Roger Hall - Direct. Stuart Curtis

1996 August - 2 One Act Plays
                         "Maillot Jaune" (Yellow Jersey) by John Cocking - Direct. Roger Bronte
                         "Albert" by Richard Harris - Direct. Valda Peacock

1996 May - "Social Climbers" by Roger Hall  - Direct. David Brock

1996 March -"The Patrick Pearse Motel" by Hugh Leonard - Direct. Barry Pedersen

1995 November -"Pied Piper"  - Direct. Barry Pedersen

1995 September -"Joyful And Triumphant" by Robert Lord - Direct. Neville Baker

1995 July- "Bouncers" by John Godber - Direct. Guy Whitchelo

1995 May - "Fiddler On The Roof"  Musical by Joseph Stein - Direct. Barry Pedersen

1995 March - "Key For Two" by John Chapman and Dave Freeman - Direct. David Balfour

1994 December - "Alice In Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll -Direct. Barry Pedersen

1994 November -"A Christmas Cracker"  - Direct. David Balfour

1994 August- "A Month Of Sundays" by Bob Larbey - Direct. David Brock

1993 September "Uproar In The House" by A. Marriot and A. Foot- Direct. Gay Edgecombe

1994 March -"Gulls" by Robert Hewitt - Direct. Barry Pedersen

1993 June "The Importance Of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde - Direct. David Balfour

1992 November "On The Razzle" by Tom Stoppard - Direct. Ray and Geraldine Coats

1992 March - "Key for Two by John Chapman - Direct. David Balfour

1991 March -"Double Double" by E Ellis and R. Rees - Direct. Ray Coats

1991 March - "Caravan" by Donald Mc Donald - Direct. David Brock

1990 November - "Darling Mr London" by A. Marriot and B. Grant - Direct. Roger Bronte

1990 September- "Mothers and Fathers" by Joseph Musaphia - Direct. Roger Bronte

1990 July - "No Sex Please We're British" by Marriot and Foot - Direct. Gay Balfour

1989 December - "Outside Edge" by Richard  Harris - Direct. Ray Coats
                                 "The Homecoming" by Harold Pinter - Direct. Barry Pedersen.
                                 "Black Comedy" by Peter Shaffer - Direct. David Balfour 
                                 "A Man For All Seasons" by Robert Bolt - Direct. David Belfour

1989 September _ "A School For Clowns" by F.K.Weichter - Direct. Roger Bronte

1989 June - " There Goes The Bride" by J. Chapman and R. Cooney - Direct. Gay Edgecombe.

1989 April - "The Gilbert Ferndale Secondary School Drama Club - "Last Call For Breakfast" - Producer Chantal Dicks

1988 December- "Tom Jones" - by Joan Macalpine - Direct. Gay Edgecombe

1988 October- "A Bedfull of Foreigners" by Dave Freeman - Direct. Ray Coats

1988 April "Whose Life is it Anyway" by Brian Clark Direct. John Cocking.

1987 November "Pass the Butler" by Eric Idle, Direct. Ray Coats.

1987 September "Maillott  Jaune" by John Cocking Direct. Gay Edgecombe.

1987 March "Arsenic and Old lace" by Joseph Kesselring Direct. gay Edgecombe.

1986 November, "Habeas Corpus" by Allan Bennett Direct. Daphne Hunt.

1986 September "Pardon Me Prime Minister" by Edward Taylor and John Graham, Direct. Neville baker.

1986 June "Blood of the Lamb" by Bruce Mason,  Direct. John Harding

1985 December "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl, Direct. John Harding.

1986 April  "Tribute" by Bernard Slade  - Direct. Gay Edgecombe

1985 October Wednesday to Come" by Renee Direct. David Coddington.

1985 June "Living Together" by Alan Ayckbourn, Direct. Michael Boag.

1985 March "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" by Dale Wasserman from the novel by Ken Kessey Direct. Gay Edgecombe.

1984 November "The Lover" "Old Times" by Harold Pinter Direct. Michael Boag.

1984 July "Not Now Darling" by Ray Cooney, Direct. Gay Edgecombe.

1984 May  "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, Direct. David Coddington.

1984 March "Bulshot  Crummond" by Ron House, Diz White, John Neville-Andrews and others, Direct. Neville baker.

1983 December "Revolting Rhymes" by Roald Dahl.

1983 November "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams" Direct. Michael Boag.

1983 September "Move Over Mrs. Markham" by Ray Cooney and john Chapman, Direct. Gay Edgecombe

1983 June "Mixed Doubles" 7 sketches by various playwrights, Direct. Joan Preston, Michael Boag and Jim Shand.

1983 March  "Death Trap" by Ira Levin - Directed by Laurie Swindell

1982 October "Roses in Due Season" by Doreen Clarke Direct. Neville Baker.

1982 July "Bedroom Farce" by Alan Ayckbourne Direct. Nigella Cameron.

1982 April "The Paragon" by Roland and Michael Pertwee, Direct. Jim Shand.

1981 November "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carrol, Direct. Pam Durham/ Bev Taylor.

1981 July "The Pohutukawa Tree" by Bruce Mason, Direct. Caroline Plaister

1980 December "Winnie the Poo" by A.A. Milne Direct. Pam Durham / Min Giblin.

1980 September "All's Fair in Love and War" Direct. Joan Preston.

1980 August "Relatively Speaking" by Alan Ayckbourn Direct. Dave Codington.

1980 May 2 One Act plays "The Devil and Mr. Mulcahy" by James K. Baxter, Direct. Rosemary Carey and "White Liars" by Peter Schaffer, Direct. Vanessa Claasen.

1980 March  "The Two Tigers" by Brian Mc Neill/ Direct. Rosalie Carey.

1979 October "Don't Listen Ladies" French play  by Sascha Guitry Adapted by Stephen Powys and Guy Bolton Direct. Freda Wilson.

1979 July /August "Dead on Nine" by Jack Popplewell Direct. Wendy Floyd.

1979 May "Middle Age Spread" by Roger Hall, Direct. Laurie Swindell.

1979 April  2 One Act Plays by rural communities Flemington and Wallingford,

1978 December " Badjelly the Witch" by Spike Milligan, Direct. Kath Caskey.

1978 October Impulse Dance Theatre, 1 night only.

1978 September / October " Absurd Person Singular" by Alan Ayckbourn, Direct. Wendy Floyd.

1978 May/June "Dial M for Murder" by Frederick Knott Direct. Kath Caskey.

1978 March  "The Killing of Sister George" by Frank Marcus, Direct. Ann England.

1977 October "Signs of the Times" by Jeremy Kingston Direct. Laurie Swindell.

1977 March " The Real Inspector Hound" by Tom Stoppard, Direct. Bill Hamilton.

1976 November "The Soul of the White Ant" by S. Wilson, Direct. Stephen Mc Elrea.

1976 August  "Dear Daddy" by Dennis Cannan, Direct. Freda Wilson.

1976 April "The Winslow Boy" by Terence Rattigan, Direct. Freda Wilson.

1976 March "The Diary of Anne Frank" by Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich, Direct. Shirley Duthie.

1975 March "Boys in The Band" Mart Crowley

1974 May "Gaslight" Direct. Wendy Floyd

1974 March "Boeing Boeing" by Marc Camoletti, directed by Freda Wilson.

1975 17th July - "Patrick Pearce Hotel" by Hugh Leonard - Direct. Barry Pedersen.  This was his first production in Little Theatre.

"storm in a Loving Cup" by Philip Johnson, " The Public Eye" by Peter Shaffer


1983 ?              "Boeing Boeing" by ?      - Direct. Freda Wilson

1989 The Ferndale Avenue Housing Estate Towns Women's Guild Drama Society "Murder Mystery"  Producer John Cocking.
The Ferndale Housing Estate Festival of Drama  - Directed by John Cocking

1992 ?             "Run For Your Wife" by Ray Cooney - Direct. Ray Edgecombe

1993  ? "Barefoot In The Park" by Neil Simon - Direct. Barry Pedersen

1995 ? - 3 One Act Plays:
              " 49A" by Michael Harvey - Direct. Guy Whitchels
              "The Stanley Parkers" by Geraldine Avon - Direct. Donna Jones
              " I'm Herbert" by Robert Anderson - Direct. Don Donner