23 July - 1 August 2020

Double Bill (SOLD OUT!)

The Peace Of Angels &
An Unseasonable Fall Of Snow

Waipukurau Little Theatre Review

The Peace of Angels’ by John Jennings directed by Jules Hamilton  and ‘An Unseasonable Fall of Snow’ by Gary Henderson directed by Lindsey Bishop.

Thursday 23rd July to Saturday 1st August

Waipukurau Theatre you know I’m a fan whatever you do, whatever genre you give us. Often it is comedy or a farce and what could be better on a dull winter’s night but not this winter. This winter you have thrown the book at us. You have brought in the big gun directors, swooped in on the finest talent and given us a piece of theatre that does its job. Makes us stop. Makes us think and makes us talk.

Brilliant. From the stark sets to the understated lighting to George Te Amo’s wonderful cameo I was riveted. The Peace of Angels is our first offering. Jo Paget and Charlotte Oram wrapped their characters with love, tenderness and pain. Lines jumped out…’when all is stripped away all we have is compassion’ There was a catch in my throat and such a strong desire for it to be okay in the end.

And then to our second piece. I was looking forward to this.  Dean Alsop and Sam Draper. I knew it would be good but their acting was out of the ball park, down the road and into the next county. Powerful isn’t a big enough word. Gary Henderson has written a timeless piece made to hit you in the guts, take a good look at society and ourselves, get us talking and get us doing some work.

I feel I would be neglectful if I didn’t sound a warning. If you are fragile at the moment make sure you have support or wait for the next play. However, the majority of us need to go. It is fine theatre with very important messages. Thank you Jules Hamilton and Lindsey Bishop, what honour you have brought to these plays, thank you to the crew, front and back, thank you to the Theatre, you are so important in our community and a huge, huge thank you to the actors for laying yourselves bare. He tino mīharo te mahi!